Thursday, January 1, 2009

Check out these "Unspoken Truths for Association Leaders"

Association management blogger Kevin Holland has a great series of "Asides" on his blog called "Unspoken Truths for Association Leaders" ..... With his permission, I'm posting some of my favorites below, but you can get all of them at this link.

Unspoken Truths for Association Leaders: (by Kevin Holland)

# 6: Reaching the right decision is more important than reaching consensus.

# 7: A committee should not exist solely because it existed last year.

# 9: Sometimes it really has been tried before, and sometimes it really didn’t work.

# 12: "Making information available” and “communicating” are two completely different things.

# 13: Having opinions, and voicing them, does not disqualify one from being a leader, but it doesn’t qualify one, either.

# 15: Don't cling to things that should work, but don’t. Move on.

# 16: A chairmanship should not be a reward for past efforts. It should be a request for service from someone who brings wisdom and talent to the task.

# 17: In an ideal world, confidential things would be kept … confidential. We do not live in an ideal world.

# 19: Be wary of people who value being “right” above all. They make good actuaries, perhaps even good attorneys, but they make lousy association leaders. (Even if you are an association of actuaries or attorneys.)

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