Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another year, another vacation skipped

In a reflective moment as I spent the entire day at the office on another Sunday it crossed my mind that I let another year go by without taking real vacation time. Unless it counts to take four days off for food poisoning and a week off to pack/bring my daughter to college. Those were sooooo relaxing.

However, this terrible practice does not rub off on my staff as they know to take every day available. And I'm not at all learning.

There really is a price to be paid in the "not getting re-charged" department. So here I sit, in my office, thinking about 2009. One long weekend planned so far.


1. It really isn't possible to catch up;
2. There's never a good time to take a vacation - problems just replace each other;
3. Whose fault is it? I know it's not my association or officers - it's my fault;
4. Take your vacation time - all of it. Or you'll miss it. I know this.


Greater Portland Board of REALTORS® said...

On Wednesday I'm off to Orlando with family. First week of year, vacation wedged between BOD meetings and membership meeting. Still have suspended members who need to take Ethics. 6 Sundays in a row at work. - 2 staff members took time off at holiday.

OVERWHELMING GUILT that I'm leaving for 12 days. I must be an Association Executive - you're right - we do it to ourselves!

Anonymous said...

Schedule a vacation (it doesn't have to be 12 days). There is no need to feel guilty about whatever time you take. In fact, not taking a vacation increases your chances of burnout.

Bonding agencies require bonded employees to take at least five days off each year, so that someone else will have access to financial information and financial abuse can more easily be detected.

Dump the workaholic attitude. Take time off. Business can wait.

Anonymous said...

Vacations are very important. You should make a vacation plan and stick with it. Try might just like it.