Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One Starfish at a Time

Someone once gave me one of those Chicken Soup books and I remember a story about starfish. A guy walking along a beach finds someone throwing starfish into the ocean to save them. The guy comments there's so many starfish couldn't possibly make a difference; to which the man throws another starfish in the ocean and replies "made a difference to that one".

I tell my friend Judith Lindenau that I'm one of her starfish. The generosity and gifts of her mentorship, example, advice, professionalism, honesty, and so much more has truly led volumes of association executives to be better people, professionals, friends and volunteers. So it's no real surprise she's getting well-deserved recognition by the nation for what she's done for other nations through her volunteer work with the International Real Property Foundation, and new association professionals in emerging nations.

On behalf of starfish everywhere, congratulations Judith!

Here's the notice about the award: "Subject: President's Volunteer Service Award - IRPF is pleased to announce that Judith Lindenau has earned the President's Volunteer Service Award from the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation.

In 2003, President Bush created the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation to find ways to recognize the valuable contributions volunteers are making in our Nation. The President's Council on Service and Civic Participation created the President's Volunteer Service Award program as a way to thank and honor Americans who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service. Judith has earned this award through her demonstrated commitment to helping form the Professional Association Management Companies in Georgia and Bosnia created in order to develop the network of real estate association partners with the capacity to provide continuing professional development assistance to their members ...

This award recognizes Judith's dedication to volunteer service and signifies that she has served our community and our country with distinction. The Foundation deeply appreciates her years of effort and the support Judith has been providing ... Once again, congratulations to Judith."

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