Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mom, your Facebook ad is on my page ...

My teenage daughter had friends over last night and they were looking at Facebook. I got an IM: "Your Facebook ad is on my page" - and it was. As noted in an earlier post, my association has a combination traditional and social media campaign to the public. In addition to our Facebook presence, we recently added a Facebook ad to drive interest in our site/program for those not already being directly contacted by other Facebook users' networks. It's generated many links and really inexpensive compared with other types of ads.

We're encouraging our association membership to really look at how they might integrate social media into their own businesses. If other associations have a public component to any campaign/effort and want
targeted ads - check out what Facebook offers.

She proceeded to tell her friends about our campaign (who are also in our campaign demographic). Word of Mouth is exactly why we're on Facebook.

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