Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fundraising Idea: The Cupcake Challenge

The Cupcake Challenge - Here's how it works:

Info cards are set on tables along with a copy of the cupcake sign, which is mounted on small dowel and when a table raises their flag they set it in a vase filled with sand to hold it up.
The info card includes rules: 
  • Each person at the table (who is eligible to contribute - which is a PAC rule) must contribute $5 (or other designated amount) or more for EVERYONE to win at that table
  • No one can contribute for anyone else (which is a PAC rule - but may not apply to your rules)
  • Can limit it to only credit cards or checks
  • Once all contributions are on the table - raise you flag
  • A fundraising committee member confirms and collects the donations, then delivers the cupcakes
The cupcake challenge has been held at a PAC dessert auction - but could be used for any type of fundraising.  The goal is to have 100% participation by everyone attending the event. 
A sponsor pays for the cupcakes and the association puts their logo on the back of the cupcake sign so when people raise their flags it can been seen. Buy enough cupcakes for each attendee to have one (and get them from a nice bakery).  No one at the table can get one without everyone contributing.  All or none creates enticement/pressure. Tables are encouraged to compete with each other to raise their flags first.  The flags also allow for the emcee to scan the room and call out tables that have not participated. 

It works best to assign a fundraising committee members to a table(s). They don’t have to sit there, but they are in charge of (a) explaining the rules (even though the emcee explains the challenge at the top of the program and the info cards are on the tables, people still miss it or get confused), (b) collecting the money and then (c) distributing the cupcakes.

Optional theme idea:  When the event had a Mardi Gras theme, they changed it  and had a King Cake Challenge.  Exact same concept except they ordered round doughnuts from a local doughnut shop and requested Mardi Gras colored frosting and sprinkles to decorate.

Thanks to Michele Holen at the Clark County Association of REALTORS in Washington State for this excellent idea, complete description and tips

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