Saturday, June 19, 2010

Way to Win: Google the Opposition

In these interesting times of transparency and online exposure, one step to always take in political battles is to Google the opposition. It's somewhat human nature these days to want to brag online about everything you did right to win, without remembering that someday you might need to win again. That roadmap of a past victory you post online might be the roadmap your opposition finds to know your strategy (or to use as their own strategy) in the next challenge.

1. Research your opposition and find out who has been hired - then Google them
2. Go to sites of their strategists and see if you can find anything relatable to you - especially case studies
3. Google their key players and see if they have sites, blogs or Twitter accounts where they brag

We recently won a big political issue and I'd love to blog about ten other things we did absolutely right to win. But I won't. Because might need to win again someday. And if you think you might need to win again, don't publish your roadmap either. But always check to see if your opposition published past victory strategy. Google is your friend.

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