Sunday, January 24, 2010

The receipt with invisible writing

While going through receipts I found one already has the writing completely faded. Clearly problematic for anyone who needs to document what they've spent, especially if there's a reimbursement. Also problematic if not entirely sure what location/cash payment it might have been if not yet submitted for reimbursement.


1. Make a photocopy of receipts that are not on regular paper to ensure longevity; and to have something that will last for later documentation/audit. The IRS has more years to check than your ink life may give it.
2. Take pictures of your receipts when you travel. If you lose one, you can always print out a photo to use, if necessary, with your expense reports. And you can file digital images for future access too.

Any other ideas?


Maggie McGary said...

There are a few iphone apps for scanning receipts--but mostly they seem to just take a photo of the receipt and make it into a pdf. Seems to be a decent idea--no special app needed--just take a photo of each receipt then delete once you submit your expense report and no longer need them.

Kevin said...

Expanding on your tip #2 -- get an account with something like Evernote so you have easily-organized access to these images when you need them from any computer or smartphone.