Sunday, December 27, 2009

Digital Picture Reminders

In earlier blog posts, I've noted you can use your camera phone to create digital reminders:

1. Where you parked your car in a parking lot (or on a street)
2. Your hotel room number
3. Name badge when someone doesn't have a business card

Recently read another use: to keep track of what you eat, if dieting. It's easy to forget if you don't record it; and photos can help you keep track. If you start to build up numerous pictures, you'll at least have digital reminders - to count it all. Even if you wish you didn't.

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Ryan Tucholski said...

I have taken photos of all of my meals for a few years now, mostly out of habit and my slight OCD, but also because I sometimes dine at fantastic places and encounter great food, and after a glass of wine or two, I forget what I had for dinner.. and will want to come back and have it again. I also take a photo of my hotel room number whenever I stay somewhere, because I ALWAYS forget it.

Ryan Tucholski