Wednesday, October 21, 2009

9 Ways to Find Association Member Twitter Users

I've decided this is like the beginning days of email, where associations need to find their member Twitter users and not just expect them to find us.

Nine ways to find your own members using Twitter:

1. Add a line/space for Twitter name on all membership applications and registration forms - online and paper
2. Add a line for Twitter name on all course verification forms
3. Continuously include info in e-newsletter about some of what you're posting on Twitter so it's clear to members there might be something valuable and unique out there (note: if you're just using Twitter to rehash the exact same info in your newsletter and Facebook - they aren't going to be happy to see the exact same content three times. HAVE to have something unique in EACH place if you want members to use ALL of your various media) - and include link to follow you when you do that
4. Add Follow Us on Twitter to Association blog, e-newsletters, Facebook, business cards, email, printed materials - needs to be part of culture
5. Add columns on TweetDeck that would include what your Association members may be tweeting about - for example, I have columns for Maine, Maine home, Maine real estate, Maine Association of REALTORS, Maine Realtors - and immediately Follow and Retweet something they've posted (if it applies)
6. Have special seating for Twitter users at your conferences and meetings (and be sure there's extension cords and wireless) - and then find out who they are
7. Promote a hashtag and/or tweet-up to coincide with an association event and see who shows up
8. If you offer a social media class that includes how to set up Twitter, follow-up with students by email to see if they did it - and what they're using on Twitter (note: if you're not offering classes - start offering classes)
9. Pay attention to your members who are friends and fans on Facebook - if it's clear from their posts they're also writing for a Twitter handle, connect with them that way too. Such as tweeting "Glad to find these members on Twitter: (@ names)"

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