Saturday, September 12, 2009

12 more ways to cut expenses ... like colleges

Time Magazine has a list of creative ways colleges are finding to cut significant expenses. Some of these could apply to associations and similar things we do ....

1. Cut back on frequency of trash removal, lawn mowing, window/sidewalk washing
2. Cut programs and unpopular courses
3. Identify few days of unpaid leave for faculty and staff; hiring freeze
4. Eliminate breakfasts
5. Use tap water at events
6. Skip shrimp and wine at parties
7. Hold virtual instead of live (e.g., swim meet - each team's swimmers race in their home pool, and then they compare times to declare winners)
8. Eliminate one day of orientation
9. Cut-back or eliminate certain free programs/services (e.g., printing, laundry)
10. Disconnect landlines in some departments
11. Don’t update land-line voice-mail systems “in this era of cell phones”
12. Go digital – move some publications online

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