Sunday, July 5, 2009

10 Tips for Older Job Applicants

Well it's fairly shocking the definition of "older" as it relates to employment ... and recent news articles have stories (and comments sections) with tips for "older" job applicants embedded in them ... Including these 10 tips:

1. Delete year of college graduation from resume
2. Reduce number of years resume covers
3. Switch from a mainly chronological/experience resume to one with heavy focus on skills
4. If downsizing position - remove awards and advanced degree/s (i.e., reduce it reading "you're way overqualified")
5. Know latest software programs, technologies and social networking
6. Include Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook on resume ... and use them
7. Have gmail domain - apparently it's more "modern" than AOL
8. Focus on recent accomplishments in interviews - not what you accomplished a long time ago
9. Networking is crucial - consider everyone a contact (in one article - the dog-walker knew of job)
10. (Hate these ... but ... ) ... hair dye, Botox, how you dress ... yes, those apparently on the list ...

And all who are employed should be really, really grateful for the opportunity to work.

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