Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look under your desk ...

This morning a gift bag was on my desk and inside was a boxed gift wrapped in tissue paper - gemstone earrings. Quite beautiful, actually. Only problem: no card, no idea where they came from. Details of the mystery:

1. Lots of stuff was on my desk because (annual) carpet cleaners had been in our office after-hours and I clearly didn't pick up everything. So they moved things onto surfaces, including my desk;

2. Only one person was at the office later than me on Wednesday, two came in earlier than me this morning, and none delivered a gift or was the gift-giver. Although the carpet-cleaners were there.

My guess is that I got another gift in that bag at some point, didn't notice there was another gift in there; but liked the bag, so kept it. And then didn't think about it again. I don't even know what YEAR I might have received it ...


1. Look under your desk - never know what you might find (or the carpet cleaners might find);

2. Think about wrapping gifts in tissue paper. It might look like it's just tissue paper if it's in a gift bag, especially if there's already another gift (and you're not standing there to say "keep looking!")

Oh, and thanks for the earrings. I didn't mean to not wear or mention them ...

Unless the carpet cleaners REALLY appreciate our business?

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Scott Brunner, VAR said...

I have a bottle of Scotch under my desk. 'Nuf said.