Wednesday, March 25, 2009

8 Ways to Save (or Make) Money in Down Economy

Here are a few ideas I heard at a recent conference:

1. Hire an intern to do special projects (check local colleges);

2. Put info on a screen during meetings instead of making copies;
3. Hold a garage sale for old furniture and equipment;
4. Aggressively market courses/programs to non-members (at higher fee);
5. Cut refreshments at meetings (if can't entirely eliminate);
6. Provide incentive to pay dues early (lower amount, voucher);
7. Ask members to assist with social media monitoring/maintenance (add as admin);
8. Pull out certain dues-based programs and make them user-fee based instead. See if they can stand on own (then discontinue).

Special thanks to Jerry Matthews who facilitated the panel, and I understand has an excellent full day training (and therapy) session for AEs working with changing economic conditions.

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