Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let me call you sweetheart, association staff ....

Two interesting valentines arrived at our association's for-profit subsidiary office yesterday ...

* A handwritten letter on hot pink and red paper - with the words "A Valentine for You" and a list of ten things they appreciate about the staff. Included these -

1. Always return phone calls promptly;
2. Willing to help without losing your patience for those of us technologically challenged;
3. Your phones never seem to ring more than 3 times;
4. Whenever I stop by, you always take the time to help with a problem;
5. You appreciate constructive comments so that we can all get our job done better;
.... and 5 more ... then it ends with "Happy Valentine's Day" and signed by a member office.

* A quartet of men arrived with roses for two of the staff, from a user who had to have his "hand held" through a number of technical processes - and he wanted to say thank you on Valentine's Day. And the quartet sang "Let me Call you Sweetheart" and "When I'm 64".

So, I'm a believer. Taking the time to really personalize a thank you, and to recognize those who do things for you really does mean a lot to those who did it.

Today is Valentine's Day. Why not pull out some red paper and send your own thank you list?

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Anonymous said...

So, didn't anybody sing to the men on your staff?