Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Great Templates from Bob Harris, CAE

I'm a huge fan of Bob Harris (a governance GOD) ... He recently sent me info about new templates and updates to documents that are now available on his website (free) ....

Can't link directly to documents, so you need to click TABS on his site. The good news is you'll also find many other documents that may interest you while there too.

Here's the latest ... (verbatim from Bob) ... At this link ...

OPERATING FRAMEWORK - updated 4-09 - The mandatory, primary and secondary systems and documents applicable for nearly every association. Ideal to inventory, assess and improve.
Left Tab: Mgmt Tips & Templates; Operating Documents; "Operating Framework 09"

COMMITTEE REVIEW ANALYSIS - created 4-09 - Too many committees? Sacred cow committees? A template for reviewing authorization, effectiveness, ROI.
Left Tab: Mgmt Tips & Templates; Committees; "Committee Analysis"

MEETING AND EVENTS REVIEW - created 4-09 - More meetings than you have staff? A template to review all programs, events, activities measures against four performance parameters.
Left Tab: Mgmt Tips & Templates; Meetings; "Activities Assessment"

BOARD JOB DESCRIPTIONS - created 2-09 - Generic job descriptions of officers and board.
Left Tab: Mgmt Tips & Templates; Board; "Board Job Descriptions"

INCREASE VOLUNTEER LEADERS - created 3-09 - Increase flow into the leadership pipeline; ideas to attract and develop volunteers. A collaborative effort document.
Left Tab: Mgmt Tips & Templates; Board; "Leadership Pipeline"

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