Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Down for the Count

Monday morning, 3 AM, I wake up sick. Really, really sick. Which led to being either asleep or sick for the next 36 hours. So my thoughts after a miserable two days ....

1. What happens if you're too sick to do anything? Weirdly, I didn't have any meetings on Monday (and had to cancel a trip on Tuesday) ... but it could have been a disaster if I actually needed to speak somewhere. It's possible to do so much that it's easy to overlook the possibility that you won't be able to show up. Do you think about back-ups even for some of the more routine things you do? Who would go in your place?

2. Things really can wait. I had a whole list of things I absolutely had to do on Monday. Now they won't be done until Wednesday or Thursday and it's actually no big deal. Everything waited. How many self-imposed deadlines do we have of things that really can wait?

3. Do our bodies tell us to slow down? If you're finding the only time you're taking off is due to illness, think about that. If you're dreaming of a trip but not taking it because you're too busy, imagine if you woke up sick. You'd have no choice but to take time off. Enjoy your health.

4. Don't do unto others. Even if you want to work at the office when you're sick, there are others who really need you to not do that. And they need to not do that too.

5. Dogs know. My pup stayed by my side for 36 hours, only leaving for very short walks. They know.

6. Chicken broth is tastier than I remembered. Have you tried it lately? Why is it better?


Megan said...

I've noticed that when I have some down-time after a very busy spell that I often "feel sick" and need to spend that time resting and doing nothing. I am learning that I need some scheduled fun time, and rest time, so that I can do more overall and feel good about it. Thanks for sharing about your life, and I am glad that you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

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