Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cutting expenses at your association

My friend Judith Lindenau's blog has a big list of practical tips on how to cut expenses, manage cash flow and raise revenue at associations.

Here's the first 9 tips:

1. Examine switching to home working for staff to minimize property requirements and travel-related expenses such as employee parking.
2. Consider the extent to which you can operate a hot desking program.
3. Negotiate with your communications carrier ensuring that each category (voice, mobile and data) is optimized for your consumption levels as you reconfigure your office. Consider using an internet telephone carrier.
4. Review communications consumption with each person who uses company cell phones. In many cases cell phone expense can be minimized, or eliminated altogether.
5. Switch to low energy lighting. There’s some cost to acquiring the bulbs, but the long term savings usually outweighs the cost.
6. Request an energy audit from your energy service provider.
7. As much as possible, eliminate printed material and associated postage. You won’t get rid of it all, but you can almost certainly make material savings. Again, charge extra for paper delivery: it COSTS extra, after all.
8. Review the potential to use online storage services such as If you’re a small association, this is an ideal way to make electronic files available from anywhere to anyone with a password.
9. If you buy a new printer, purchase a laser printer. If you have an inkjet printer, lower cartridge costs by using a refillable service.

Click this link to get entire blog article and tips.


Anonymous said...

How much do you think employees should be reimbursed for the use of their home computers, printers, telephones, etc. when they work at home?

Anonymous said...

I'd say it depends on what they are doing. I had a data input person who did nothing but dial in to our MLS, and we bought her a phone and fax line, and a fax machine. Sometimes working at home is no imposition, though, as is the case with my daughter: she doesn't get reimbursed for computer time and such, though her office does provide her a Blackberry for business use.