Monday, July 14, 2008

Team building exercise: One to cheer about

In a very daring move as a facilitator I decided to try a new team building exercise with a group today: Cheering. (... just in the mood to try something new ... )

I divided the group of 25 into 5 groups of 5. Gave each group a different message. Told them they had to create a 4-6 line CHEER related to the topic - and then they had to DO the cheer. And I said if anyone was an introvert they had to at least clap or move their head or something with the rest of their group. They had 8-10 minutes to create. Big success. Very creative, very funny - only used minimal amount of time - and the entire room had a monumental amount of positive energy for the start of the strategic planning session.

For example, these are messages I had them cheer about:
1. What the members really want
2. Ending member apathy
3. Now's a great time to buy real estate
4. Give to the political action committee

It was very fun.

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Anonymous said...

LOL. Sounds interesting. I imagine cheering is a pretty effective team building exercise.