Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scoble, Cuban, Trump ... and Me

My blog is among nonprofit blogs on, but started noticing the frequency of when the referring site to my blog is versus ..... So WHAT is Egos? It's an aggregation of sites on "featuring the mouths, minds and egos of folks like Scoble, Cuban, Trump and Winer" .... um, and Cindy Butts? Apparently I'm right up there in "mouth, mind and ego" with Seth Godin, Ann Coulter and Rosie O'Donnell too.

So I hunted around on the headlines for my fellow ego blog notables, and found these random recent posts that may be of interest to you:

1. Scott Adams (who writes Dilbert) writes about his recent surgery to correct an unexpected problem with his vocal cords/speaking voice;

2. Seth Godin suggests anyone who sends out an email needs to have a way for the person who gets the email to comment or respond back. I entirely agree with that. Hate those "do not respond to this" emails that give no option whatsoever for contact;

3. Chris Brogan has 50 blog topics marketers can write for their companies. Good topics for association articles too. Examples: "6. Some tricks that may keep you from needing support; 14. What goes into our decision process; 24. Sometimes, we have to say no."

4. Jason Kottke links to a "New Yorker" article: "14 Passive-Aggressive Appetizers". OH MY GOD - a hilarious must read. Here's the first 3: "1. Top thick slices of country bread with fresh goat cheese. Sprinkle with herbs and bake until crusty; serve to everyone but Jeff.
2. Vegetarian friends? Try veggie rumaki: wrap a strip of imitation bacon around a water chestnut, spear with a toothpick, and broil—but instead of imitation bacon use real bacon, and instead of a water chestnut use veal.
3. Steal Cheryl’s famous potato-salad recipe. When Cheryl asks, 'Why did you steal my recipe?,' say, 'I don’t know, Cheryl, why did you break my heart?' Then laugh so she knows you’re just kidding."

I am absolutely going to do something with this related to association management - either passive-aggressive techniques used by association execs or how to spot passive-aggressive techniques used by volunteers.

5. Robert Scoble points to a tool to help you calculate "how much time you're wasting on Twitter";

6. Mark Cuban discusses the importance of balancing paid and free, especially in digital age. Entitled, "Free is only good if someone else is paying for it."

Since our profession covers such a wide array of topics, there's a wide array of places to look for and find info. And it's not all about social media this and social media that (thank goodness.)

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Anonymous said...

There is a joke in this blog somewhere. Seth Godin, Ann Coulter, Rosie O'Donnell and Cindy Butts walk into a bar... (i'll work on it and get backt to you.)

Great stuff as usual Cindy. I love the comment that "Free is only good if someone else is paying for it" I think there has been an evolution of that concept over the years.