Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CNN: Lessons from reflection

While working in a hotel room noticed that CNN was showing a replay of an interview with the 3 American hostages who had been rescued after more than 5 years of captivity in Columbia. It instantly got my attention not only because of the storytelling skills of the men but also in the profound lessons they communicate, and the evidence of genuine friendship exhibited through their body language.

Since they had years to reflect, this is what they learned:

* Before capture, had been moving through life too fast, at full speed - know family is most important;

Here's the full quote: "Before this [I] was a guy that was kind of a typical American guy that was working, busy working, running through a life full-speed. I had a little boy when we crashed that was 5 years old, another one 15. Had a wife who was back in the States; we just got a house. I had 12 nights in the house of my dreams in the States. And suddenly, we drop off the face of the Earth. When you're in our situation, we realize what's important. We know. The three of us know better than any of you guys out there, it's the family. And I'd like everyone to listen very closely to that."

* Appreciation for small things (even a glass of water);
* Desire to make real a dream of going across this country, slowly -- and seeing/appeciating America;
* Remembrance that there are other people who give us freedom and safety.

Watch the 20-minute interview (it's absolutely worth the time.)

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