Sunday, January 6, 2008

The first time is excruciating. Gets easier.

The first time I personally gave $1000 for a political purpose (to a PAC - political action committee) was by far the hardest. There are endless ways to use $1000 -- and making that kind of a personal financial commitment is big -- excruciating the first time, easier the second, then a more routine decision.

1. Will make you an absolute advocate for others to give too. Adds credibility to fundraising sincerity when noted among givers.
2. Will make you care about how PAC money used. I found anything remotely wasteful feels like it's MY money being wasted -- because it is.

How to justify it:
1. Really a political survival fund. Many laws/issues hugely detrimental - and those impact association executives' ability to be successful too.
2. Will make you instantly connect to political issues because of decision to contribute - and will improve your skills. When your money being spent for political purposes you're far more likely to engage in other political activities too.

How to fund it:
1. Some really can afford to do it, and all it takes is writing a personal check.
2. Earn the $1000 - easy to forget skills can be used (for a fee) with other organizations.

3. Give a lower amount. May be entirely unreasonable to give $1000 if trying to pay for health insurance, working part-time, or handling any number of life's expensive emergencies; but maybe setting aside $10 a week for 10 weeks to get to $100 is possible - or maybe giving $15 once is possible. Return bottles, sell something you hate on eBay, facilitate for a fee for another group .... let your contribution be what you earn. If you've never tried to sell on eBay - experiment for a cause.

Your contribution will make a difference - to the organization you donate to, and to your personal commitment because of that donation.

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Anonymous said...

I used to donate to the ASAE PAC when I was more involved (I plan to again). I agree that it gives you more credibility with your members if you are donating. I know there are many GADs who contribute to their local or state Realtor association PAC. I don't understand that. But to each his own. I don't sell real estate so I don't give to our Realtor PAC. I'm an association executive and support ASAE's PAC. I wish more Realtor association staff did.