Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shun the non-believers!

My 9-year old nephew has several hundred songs on his iPod (Jimmy Buffett, Univ of Alabama fight song, etc.) that he hooks up to his new iDog (pic) ... a robotic dog that lights up, wags tail and ears with music. Nephew also insisted I watch a YouTube video called "Charlie Candy Mountain". Asked him how learned about it - from other kids in 4th grade class.

"Charlie Candy Mountain" is worth the 3:44 of time it takes to watch. Though you may be tempted to quit the first 10 seconds, as I was. Some classic lines, including "shun the non-believer". Definitely odd and thought-provoking.

Think members can't embrace podcasts, social media and YouTube? Shun the non-believers!

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