Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Fantasy Football Life on Facebook

My colleague/pal Susie sent me a message on Facebook, so signed on for 5th time in my life to respond .... and boy was I surprised about my own page. Had read about the big flap of the Facebook marketing relationships (here and here) that put personal purchases on Facebook pages - but somehow never made the connection that I too had a Facebook presence and make online purchases.

First thing I see is a t-shirt I ordered for my teenage son about Fantasy Football. Able to click to see the exact image of what I bought along with the online store. Any "friend" who may have been to my Facebook page might now believe that I'm into Fantasy Football -- including god knows who from my past who might just be checking to see what I've been doing the past 20 or 30 years or anyone from my present just randomly reading.

Immediately went to the privacy settings to turn off the feature that displays purchases. What's really incredible is I don't use the same email address for personal purchases and social media; and I don't recall giving my home address or credit card information to Facebook. So how in the world did they have such confidence in an accurate match that it led to linking my purchase and Facebook page?

1. If you have a Facebook page (or other social media), but don't go there - check it regularly;
2. If you make online purchases imagine them being displayed on a social media site next to your picture;
3. Might want to read the small print on future online purchases;
4. If your kids use your credit card for online purchases (like music or Fandango movie tickets) - think about those products potentially attaching to your identity.

So in addition to Fantasy Football, what if it later displays rap music and horror movies too - because my son orders it? Why do I like social media way less today than I did yesterday?

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