Wednesday, December 26, 2007

4 random technology tips

A few random technology tips ...

1. Carry alcohol wipes. Apparently stealing GPS systems is growing in frequency. One way they can tell a portable GPS in the car: the suction cup rings on the windshield. I have those. Now have to remove marks on windshield each stop?

2. Get a receipt at gas stations (so you're not arrested). I usually do, but not always. Swiped a credit card, followed instructions, pumped gas, then waited for receipt to print. Saw the message: Go inside to pay. What if I wasn't getting a receipt - would have driven away assuming I WAS paid. Kid at cash register told me he would have called police if didn't come in. Association execs can't get arrested. He didn't care.

3. Twitter has more uses. I don't use Twitter, but read this post and assume these are more ways to use it. Examples: local weather forecasts, track fuel economy, promote a blog, get daily bible verses.

4. Take credit cards. Churches getting ATMs and "digital collection baskets" - finally. Realizing people don't carry cash and checks anymore. When I was a church trustee there was no way they'd consider electronic payments due to credit card fees. Instead everyone fretted about how to get snowbirds to mail collection envelopes from Florida. I hope all associations offer credit cards -- the fee discussion doesn't recognize the reality of need for convenience; plus potential increase in participation you may otherwise miss.

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